Carving Food

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Standard Portion Price
Slow Cooked Herbs & Pepper Chicken 1kg $180
Roasted York Ham with Mustard & Honey 2kg $560
Roasted Shoulder of Lamb with Rose Mary & Garlic 2kg $400
Roasted Baby Pork Spare Rib with BBQ Sauce 2kg $380
Slow Cooked Leg of Lamb 2kg $580
Roasted Pork Loin with Prune 2kg $350


Deluxe Portion Price
Slow Cooked Herb Roast Turkey 10-12lbs $620
Roasted Canada O.P Rib (Whole) 10kg $4800
Roasted N.Z Rack of Lamb (Whole) 2kg $860
Roasted Gammon Ham (Whole) 7-8kg $2500
Roasted Beef Wellington 3kg $1800


Supreme Portion Price
Roasted U.S Black Angus Sirloin(Whole) 7-8kg $4400
Roasted U.S Black Angus Rib Eye(Whole) 7-8kg $4000
Roasted Aust. Grain-Fed Rib Eye(Whole) 7-8kg $5600
Roasted Aust. Grain-Fed Sirloin(Whole) 7-8kg $5000
Roasted Aust. Grain-Fed Prime Rib(Whole) 11kg $5500
Aust. M4 Waygu Sirloin 2kg $3500
Aust. M4 Waygu Rib Eye 2kg $3500
Aust. Grain-Fed Rack of Lamb 1kg $1300

Minimum order: $3,000, transportation fee is not included