Hot Dish – Poultry

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Standard Portion Price
Baked Chicken Portuguese 1kg $170
Thai Style Braised Chicken with Pumpkin 1kg $170
Fried Chicken with Lime Sauce 1kg $190
Chicken A La King 1kg $170
Chicken Emince 1kg $170
Italian Chicken Stewed 1kg $170


Deluxe Portion Price
Grilled Chicken with Rose Mary & Garlic 1kg $170
Teriyaki Chicken 1kg $170
Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce 1kg $170
Roast Chicken with BBQ Sauce 1kg $170
Fried Sesame Chicken 1kg $170
Grilled Chicken with Sautéed Onion 1kg $170


Supreme Portion Price
Braised Duckling Orange 1kg $190
Confit Leg of Duck with White Pepper 1kg $120
Teriyaki Duck Breast with Soy Sauce 1kg $200
Confit Chicken Breast with Herbs 1kg $170
Grilled African Chicken 1kg $170
Chicken Skewer with Pepper Sauce pcs $170

Minimum order: $3,000, transportation fee is not included