Hot Dish – Seafood

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Standard Portion Price
Teriyaki Sole Fillet 1kg $180
Panfried Sole Rolled with Leek 1kg $180
Grilled Sole Fillet with White Whine & Lemon Sauce 1kg $180
Sole Cutlet with Curry Mayonnaise 1kg $180
Panfried Sole Fillet & Salmon Roll 1kg $380
Roast Cutlet Fish Stuffed with Meat Vietnam Style 1kg $320


Deluxe Portion Price
Sauteed Mussel with Chili Paste 1kg $180
Baked Mussel with Garlic & Herbs 1kg $180
Sauteed Shrimp with Chili and Vermicelli Thai Style 1kg $380
Sauteed Prawn with Mango, Cashew Nut 1kg $380
Baked Mussel with Cheese & Bacon 1kg $200
Deep Fried Soft-Shell Crab with Cajun 1kg $200


Supreme Portion Price
Baked Seafood Combination 1kg $380
Grilled Salmon with White Wine & Lemon Sauce 1kg $380
Baked Salmon with Pesto 1kg $380
Lobster Thermidor 1kg $580
Baked Sea Fish with Mozzarella Cheese 1kg $380
Baked Snow Crab Leg with Mozzarella Cheese 1kg $380

Minimum order: $3,000, transportation fee is not included