Hot Dish – Vegetable

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Standard Portion Price
Baked Fondue Potato 1kg $130
Wild Mushroom Mash Potato 1kg $130
Baked Swiss Potato 1kg $130
Baked Jacket Potato 1kg $130
Sauteed Potato with Onion 1kg $130
Baked New Potato Butter & Herbs 1kg $140


Deluxe Portion Price
Baked Seasonal Vegetable in Portuguese Style 1kg $170
Teriyaki Eggplant 1kg $170
Braised Pumpkin & Taro with Coconut 1kg $170
Baked Cauli Flower with Cheese & Truffle 1kg $180
Sauteed Diced Lotusroot withChili 1kg $170
Sauteed Cabbage with Bacon 1kg $180


Supreme Portion Price
Poached Baby Cabbage in Stock with Ham Puree 1kg $170
Sauteed Celery, Cucumber and Black Fungus 1kg $170
Steamed Cabbage Roll with Meat Sauce 1kg $170
Braised Tomato & Egg White 1kg $150
Sauteed Farm House Vegetable 1kg $150
Sauteed Broccoli with Bell Pepper 1kg $160

Minimum order: $3,000, transportation fee is not included