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Standard Portion Price
Spaghetti Napoleon 1kg $130
Spaghetti Bolognaise & Egg Plant 1kg $130
Penne with Ham & Mushroom 1kg $150
Cappellini with Olive Oil & Mushroom 1kg $140
Linguine Carbonara 1kg $160
Lasagna Ratatouille 2kg $300
Lasagna Bolognaise 2kg $360


Deluxe Portion Price
Linguine with Clam Meat & Herbs 1kg $360
Lasagna with Chicken & Spinach 1kg $180
Penne with Seafood & Pomodori 1kg $160
Cappellini with Smoked Duck Breast & Pomodori 1kg $160
Linguine with Bell Pepper & Mustard 1kg $160
Spaghetti with Shredded Beef in Pepper Sauce 1kg $160
Penne with Smoked Ham in Broccoli Sauce 1kg $160


Supreme Portion Price
Fettucinewith Seafood in Lobster Sauce 1kg $200
Linguine with Diced Salmon & Herbs 1kg $200
Squid Ink Noodle with Baby Cuttle Fish 1kg $200
Fergola with Parma Ham in Broccoli Sauce 1kg $200
Fergola with Truffle & Wild Mushroom 1kg $200
Grilled Seafood on Squid Ink Rice 1kg $200
Fergola with Whole Lobster in Sauce 1kg $580

Minimum order: $3,000, transportation fee is not included