BBQ (Deluxe)

Marinated Enoki Mushroom with Chilli Oil 2kg
Marinated Sliced Lotus roots with Garlic 2kg


Salad Bar
Olive Oil/ Thousand Island/ Balsamico
Garden Lettuce 1kg
Cucumber 250g
Sweet Corn 250g
Cherry Tomato 500g


BBQ (Vegetables)
Wrapped Sweet Corn with Butter 10pcs
Wrapped Mixed Mushroom with Garlic & Butter 10pcs
Wrapped Potato with Butter 10pcs
Wrapped Zucchini with Garlic & Butter 10pcs


BBQ (Meat Ball)
Beef Ball 40pcs
Cuttlefish Ball 40pcs
Fried Fish Ball 40pcs
Tikuwa 40pcs
Fish Roll 20pcs


BBQ (Bread)
Roti 10pcs
Steamed Roll 20pcs


BBQ (Seafood)
Tiger Prawn(around 8″) 20pcs
Rock Oyster 20pcs
Whole Scallop 20pcs
Eel 20pcs


BBQ (Poultry)
U.S. Rib Eye Steak 20pcs
Pork Belly 20pcs
Lamb Fillet 20pcs
Jumbo Chicken Wings 40pcs
Corned OX Tongue 40pcs


BBQ (Sausage)
Cervelat 20pcs
Pork Sausage 20pcs


Apple Crumble 20pcs
Assorted Jelly 20pcs


Chinese Sweet Soup
Cold Red Bean Soup 5Lit


Fresh Fruit Platter 2kg


Orange Juice,Soft Drink

*Complimentary 3 Types of Chef Recommended Sauce (Barbecue Sauce / Satay Sauce / Spicy & Hot Sauce)

HK$ 580 per person

(Minimum order of 20 pax required)

  1. All food are served on silver trays ,hot chafing dishes and BBQ grill
  2. Disposable utensils are provided according to the menu
  3. Listed Prices are inclusive of delivery charges
  4. 3 Waiters are inclusive of 3 hours
  5. Banquet table with table cloth


Tel : 2357 9222