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Cocktail B

Main Course 50 persons 100 persons
Asparagus Roll with Smoked Duck Breast 30pcs 60pcs
Parma Ham & Asparagus Roll 30pcs 60pcs
Assorted Open Face Sandwich 30pcs 60pcs
Scallops & Seafood Vol-au-vent 30pcs 60pcs
Mushroom Stuffed with Cheese & Bacon 30pcs 60pcs
Crabmeat Roe in Fillo Shell 30pcs 60pcs
Thousand Island Seafood Pizza 30pcs 60pcs
Bacon & Sausage Roll 30pcs 60pcs
Smoked Salmon Roll, Sliced Cucumber 30pcs 60pcs
Stuff Camembert Cheese with Truffle 30pcs 60pcs
Nuts&Chips 500g 1kg
Supreme Fresh Fruit Platter(Veg) 2kg 4kg


Beverage 50 persons 100 persons
Orange Juice,Soft Drink,Distilled Water
Cabernet Sauvignon 2 Bottles 4 Bottles
Chardonnay 2 Bottles 4 Bottles
Sparkling Wine 2 Bottles 4 Bottles


HK$ 8,800 (For 50 persons)

HK$ 15,880 (For 100 persons)

  1. All food are served on silver trays and hot chafing dishes
  2. Glass, cutlery, chinaware, napkins are provided according to the menu
  3. Listed prices are inclusive of delivery charges
  4. 3 Waiters are inclusive of 3 hours for 50 persons package/ 4 Waiters are inclusive of 3 hours for 100 persons package
  5. Banquet table with table cloth

To support the “Food Wise Hong Kong” Campaign and in order to avoid food wastage, if the number of portion exceeds the one stated above, the quantity of food specified in the menu will be adjusted accordingly; the type of food provided will also be taking into account when making adjustment.

Tel : 2357 9222

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