Graduation Celebration

Salami and Melon 50pcs
Smoked Salmon and US Asparagus Roll 50pcs
Escargot Vol-Au-Vent 50pcs


Garden Green Salad (Veg) 1.5Kg


Hot Dish
Pork Cartilage in Kagoshima Style 4Kg
Pan-fried Sole Fish Fillet with Lemon Cream Sauce 4Kg
Sautéed Diced Beef with Mushroom & Zucchini 4Kg
BBQ Roasted Chicken 4Kg
Linguine Carbonara 4Kg
Baked Fried Rice with Vegetable in Portuguese Style(Veg) 4Kg


Tiramisu 50pcs
Mini Puff 50pcs


Orange Juice, Soft Drink


HKD 220 per person

(Minimum order of 50 pax required)

  1. All food are served on silver trays and hot chafing dishes
  2. Plastic cup, plastic napkins, plate, plastic fork are provided according to the menu
  3. Listed prices are inclusive of delivery charges
  4. 2 Waiters are inclusive of 3 hours
  5. Banquet table with table cloth

Tel: 2357 9222