Graduation Treat

Mini Bite Sandwiches 50pcs
Thousand Island Seafood Pizza 50pcs
Mini Prawn Toast 50pcs
Spring Roll with Sweet and Sour Sauce 50pcs
French Potato Salad 3kg
Fried Rice in Yangzhou Style 5kg
Fried Egg Noodles with Soy Sauce and Bean Spout 5kg
Linguine Carbonara 5kg
Baked Seafood Fried Rice in Cheese Sauce 5kg


Mini Puff 50pcs


Orange Juice, Soft Drink


HKD 150 per person

(Minimum order of 50 pax required)

  1. All food are served on silver trays and hot chafing dishes
  2. Plastic cup, plastic napkins, plate, plastic fork are provided according to the menu
  3. Listed prices are inclusive of delivery charges
  4. 2 Waiters are inclusive of 3 hours
  5. Banquet table with table cloth

Tel: 2357 9222