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Kids Happy Birthday Party

Sausages with Pineapple 30pcs
Salami and Melon 30pcs
Mini Italian Pizza (Veg) 30pcs
Chicken Wings in Swiss Sauce 30pcs
Mini Bite Sandwiches (Egg/Tuna /Cheese & Ham) 30pcs
Caesar Salad 500g
Spaghetti with Ham and Mushroom in Cream Sauce 2kg
Baked Pork Chop with Pomodori and Fried Rice 2kg
Assorted Jelly Candy 1kg
Italian Puff 30pcs


Orange Juice, Soft Drink


HKD 108 per person

( Minimum order of 30 pax required)

  1. Plastic Cup, napkins, plastic plate, plastic fork are provided according to the menu

Catering dessert

To support the “Food Wise Hong Kong” Campaign and in order to avoid food wastage, if the number of portion exceeds the one stated above, the quantity of food specified in the menu will be adjusted accordingly; the type of food provided will also be taking into account when making adjustment.

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