X’mas Standard Set

Assorted Open Sandwich 20pcs
Salami Rolled with Melon Ball 20pcs
Herb Cheese and Smoked Salmon Tartar Vol-Au-Vent 20pcs
Baked Spinach, Cheese and Chicken Quiche 20pcs
Asparagus Rolled with Beef Meat 20pcs


Garden Salad 2kg
French Bacon and Potato Salad 2kg


Cold Dish
Salami and Cold Cut Platter 1kg
Stuffed Eggs with Salmon Roe 20pcs


Hot Dish
Stir Fried Assorted Vegetable with Italian Olive Oil 2kg
Baked Fresh Mushroom and Chicken with Rice 2kg
Roasted Fillet of Sole Fillet with BBQ Sauce 2kg
Tomato & Herbs with Meatball in Sicilian Style 2kg
Braised Beef Ribs in Spanish Style 2kg
Baked Spaghetti Bolognese with Parmesan Cheese 2kg


Roasted Spicy York Ham with Mustard & Honey (3-4kg) 1 whole


Christmas Pudding 20pcs
Blue Berry Cheese Cup 20pcs
Cherry and Matcha Mousse Cake 20pcs
Supreme Fresh Fruit Platter 2kg

HKD 240 per person

( Minimum order of 20 pax required)

*Disposable Utensils Additional HKD2,200 to enjoy the services below(for orders over 20 persons)

  1. 2 waiters service for 4 serving hours, count from setup to clean up
  2. Silver trays/hot chafing dishes/chinaware & stainless utensils
  3. Orange Juice/Soft Drink